Why Steel Structure?

The quality of the steel, which is produced with international standards and is a completely industrial product, is checked and documented at every stage of its production. The producer or user cannot interfere with the physical properties of the material.
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General Information About Silo Manufacturing

Silos can be produced as bolted and welded silos according to the type of assembly.Cement, plaster, lime, pvc, salt, sand, granule, ash, etc. To store the materials, silos made of carbon steel are produced. Silo Manufacturing and Silo Usage Areas Silo Manufacturing - Silo Application Areas
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What is Steel Construction Structure?

It is a steel structure system with wide openings and heights, which are used in steel construction factory buildings, steel industrial buildings, steel construction hangars, steel construction sports facilities, steel construction warehouses and steel construction workshops, where all bearing systems are made of steel.
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What is Raw Material Storage Silos ?

Application Fields of Silos: Cement Silos, Gypsum Silos, Limestone Silos, Calcite Silos, Concrete Silos, Ash Silos, Carbon Silos, Flour Silos, Powder Raw Material Silos.Storage silos, lime, concrete, plaster factories, concrete factories, Cement Factories etc. It is used to store raw materials and end products in the facilities.
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Our Difference in Raw Material Handling Systems!

In addition to our steel structure and storage systems...
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